DiveLog DT and Mac M1 - Big Sur

Discussion of the macOS applications DiveLogDT and Dive Log Manager
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DiveLog DT and Mac M1 - Big Sur

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I couldn't find OS compatibility in the forum - is DiveLog DT compatible for the Apple M1 chip and Big Sur?


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Re: DiveLog DT and Mac M1 - Big Sur

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Yes and Yes, although DiveLogDT does not (yet) have native M1 support but runs fine under Rosetta.

Also, "In theory", the Mac App Store App will not let you purchase an App that won't run on your machine. For example, if there were a minimum OS version that your machine wasn't running, you are not supposed to be able to Purchase/Download it. No one wants to test or depend on this theory though :D and I don't blame them but just wanted to mention it. Good to check. And as always, if you find problems, please let us know.

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