dive location set-up

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dive location set-up

Post by orxion » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:42 pm


when I have a dive location - and I want to edit country (or simply ad) .. I have no idea how.

yes I can edit it alongside of dive (after download from computer, and edit it - i can choose location, country, etc)

what I would like to have is to edit SITE - name of location / name of place / country (or county in some cases) / water type / link for the site / perhaps even some contact form for the site

and once this is filled, all I need to do when editing dive, is to choose the location and it will automatically fill in all this info (so I dont have to AGAIN fill in water type, country, etc ...

this would really helped. It is bothering me for location that is already set-up and where I dive quite often to set up type of water, country, etc .. again and again and again :)

thx in advance for your help )

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Re: dive location set-up

Post by support » Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:12 am

Agreed, you should NOT have to enter If you have already entered a DiveSite into your logbook, then when you log another Dive at that same DiveSite, it should automatically fill in the same default City and default Country that you used last time. So if you are editing a dive and then "tab" over to DiveSite and type "Tu", then it should come up with a list of DiveSites that starts with "Tu" and then you can pick e.g.: Turtle Beach, and then the last City and Country you used for Turtle Beach should get filled in automatically. Is that not happening for you? The default City for a DiveSite will show up in the top righthand corner next to Rating and the default Country for a City will show up in the same place ....

In the DiveSite information under Locations, you can put various pieces of information in the Comments, including a link if you want.

The "Water Type" is (unfortunately) duplicated in both the Dive and the DiveSite information with the latter being a recent addition. So you're right, we could automatically set this from the DiveSite *into* the Dive if the information was there.


PS - You can always "multiple dive edit" afterwards too to set the Water Type to something on multiple dives at once ....

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