Buddies not automatically added in list

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Buddies not automatically added in list

Post by NiLa » Thu May 13, 2010 1:26 am

Hi, first of all what a big improvement, really great!

Some remarks after testing the new SW

I imported the dives from MacDive into the Dive Log Manager and at first glance everything is OK. All diveinformation is displayed correctly including the buddies when clicking the button. The buddies displayed are not automatically show/added in/to the buddy list when pressing on the left. Also it is not possible to add/change the type of dive, add a comment and change the equipment (although all filled in in MacDive)

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Re: Buddies not automatically added in list

Post by support » Thu May 13, 2010 9:01 am


Thanks for your kind words about the new version. We'll keep working on making it better!

The issue with the Buddies is related to the two possible ways that items like Buddies (Dive Site, City and Country work in a similar way) can be stored in the Dive Log database. These items can be store either as a simple text string or as a linked entry in the database. You can get some background on the issue here. Due to the way that Buddies are stored within MacDive it is difficult to automatically add Buddies to the Buddy list (i.e. create linked entries) in a reliable way. The same issue existed for Dive Sites, Cities and Countries but Dive Log Manager recently gained support for automatically creating linked entries for these items (details are on the second part of this update description). We plan to follow a similar strategy for importing Buddies in the near future. In the case of Buddies it is relatively easy to cause the "text string" Buddies that are imported from MacDive to be added to the Buddy list. You need to select that dive in Dive Log on iPhone, tap the Buddies row, the tap the "Edit" button on the "Buddy List" screen that is presented. Finally, tap the "Add Buddy" row that is available after you tap "Edit" then tap "Cancel" on the screen that is presented next (or add a Buddy if you want to for some other reason). Finally, tap "Done". This will convert the list of Buddies imported from MacDive into Buddy records and add them to the Buddy list.

There is a similar issue with Dive Types and Equipment that we are also planning to address although this might not be delayed for future updates to MacDive.

Comments should currently be imported from MacDive to Dive Log on iPhone via Dive Log Manager. I'll look further into this but if you could send e-mail to the support alias (support AT moremobilesoftware DOT com - replace " AT " with "@" and " DOT " with ".") with details about which comment field is not being imported and if you see this with both Dive Log Manager 1.3 and the 2.0 Beta that would be very helpful.



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