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Medical Info

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Under the medical Info selection there really is no HEADER to say Medical info such as medications. You basically have to put it in the emergency contact and notes area. Also, just a little request too...If you place a few lines of data in the field mentioned above, unless you know that there is more info and click on the arrow to the right, you can miss the rest. Is there a way to add automatically when the info runs over to show something like "click to see more details?
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Re: Medical Info

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It's true there is no specific section for Medications. For some people, that kind of information is kept in their "Medi Check" document, an image of which is put in the "Medi Check Image" section which comes up in a separate window. But I think keeping medications in the Notes section is probably a really good idea too, rather than Emergency Contact.

But further, both the Emergency Contact field and the Notes field are both free form text areas that you can put anything you want in and are a standard user interface element for Mac Applications. Which means they can contain scrolling text which sounds like what you're running into. So you can just put your mouse over either field and scroll through to see what is "below" and not showing. You can also make the top section of the Personal panel larger if you want. Just grab the "knob" that sits below the "Fax number" field and drag down. Both of those fields will then become bigger.

But then lastly, the way that scroll bars are handled on your machine is a user preference, but by default the preference is to have the scroll bars disappear when not in use. If you open up "System Preferences" and then go to "General", you'll see the section on "Show scroll bars". You might want to try out setting it to "Always" so that you know what areas on ALL Apps have a text area that you can scroll through.

Thanks for taking the time though to let us know what you are looking for. We appreciate getting user feedback.
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