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UDDF Import Support

Post by daniel_m » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:19 pm

I really like the screenshots of the new Diving Log Manager.... look very promising

My Dive Computer is an Aladin Air Z and I use Paladin and AquaDiveLog on an old Palm to keep the diving profiles on my holidays.
The Aladin can only keep 200min of profiles and therefore it needs some assistance....

I have all my dives stored on the Palm in AquaDiveLog but want to switch to a Dive Log (iPhone)/MacDive (iMac) Solution.
There is a Palm Conduit to convert the ADL Database to UDDF for Import in Smarttrack from Uwatec, but this does not realy help as there is no export supported.
If the serial port gets available on the iPhone downloading of computer data will be easy....

As there are much more information stored in the UDDF Format as in the UDCF Format, there is a real need for an importer for the new UDDF Format.

The UUDF Format created from the Palm Conduit is of Version 1.0 where there is no information available, the official version of UDDF is 2.2, there is an Schema for version 2.1 available....

Is was looking to create a converter from UDDF 1.0 to UDCF, but with all the lost information this is not an option.

I now wanted to know if there are any plan to implement UDDF in a future release ?

- daniel

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Re: UDDF Import Support

Post by support » Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:31 pm

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your interest in Dive Log and Dive Log Manager. I'm afraid that I got a little lost while trying to follow your current situation and your needs, so please bear with me. The short answer to your question is that there are no formal plans right now to directly support UDDF import in Dive Log Manager but we are certainly open to the idea.

It sounds like you have two situations to deal with. If I have it right, you have existing data stored in your Palm device that you need to transfer to another logbook application (I presume that this is a one time need to get all your existing data transferred) and you have an ongoing need to transfer data from your Uwatec computer to another logbook application as you do more dives.

Unfortunately, support for Uwatec computers on the Mac is not great. There are a few applications that you can use, but most of them require Windows somewhere along the way. I personally use Diving Log 5.0 (http://www.divinglog.de) running under VMWare Fusion (with either Windows 7 or Windows XP) on my MacBook to import my Uwatec Air ZO2 and sync it with Dive Log on iPhone. Diving Log 5.0 also already has an importer for UDDF although I don't know if it can deal with the UDDF 1.0 exported from the Palm Conduit. So you might be able to solve both issues by going that away.

Another option for the ongoing import of your Uwatec dive computer is to use JDiveLog (http://www.jdivelog.org) in combination with Dive Log Manager (Dive Log Manager has a custom importer for JDiveLog files). I can't comment on how you would get your data from your Uwatec to JDiveLog though as I have never used it for that purpose. If this solution worked for your ongoing importing needs, I might be able to help you with a one off conversion of your existing Palm Conduit UDDF data (I'd try using Diving Log 5.0 to do the import of the UDDF data and export that to a Dive Log database that you could start with ... we'd have to try it to see if it would work at all though).

Unfortunately, as of right now, adding a UDDF importer to Dive Log Manager would not help you get the data into MacDive. While we are working with the developer of MacDive to improve the data migration between the two platforms, it is not currently possible to import Dive Log/Dive Log Manager data into MacDive. As far as I know, MacDive does not support UDDF import either (it does support UDCF but as you note that is a very limited format) nor does it currently have support for Uwatec computers.

I don't know if any of that helps. If there is an ongoing solution where a UDDF importer would help you, we would certainly entertain adding support for it. However, if dealing with your existing data as a one off conversion is possible that might be more efficient. Please feel free to contact us via our support e-mail alias (use the link at http://www.moremobilesoftware.com/support) to further discuss the particulars of your situation.



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