Existing Sol Data and IOS Sync

Discussion of the macOS applications DiveLogDT and Dive Log Manager
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Existing Sol Data and IOS Sync

Post by schumifan » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:53 am

Hi I have bitten the bullet and bought the Dive Log Manager now I have moved to Mac but I cannot import my existing logbook from PC it seems without using Parallel or similar which is not going to happen. At present I can upload edit, change settings my PC keep those details on my IOS using DNABLU DiveLogBook and hoped I would be able to run a similar setup using my Mac.
The problem is my existing logbook is in .slg and this will not import and the other is that it appears that the 'companion app' to use on my IOS is at a further cost or haven't I given it enough time to recognise the purchase?
At the moment I have spent out on something I cannot get to work without re-downloading my logs from my dive computer and re-editing and can't sync with IOS either without throwing more money at it.
I'm just a touch deflated with this purchase at this time but hope that someone can perhaps point me in the right direction to fix these woes?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Existing Sol Data and IOS Sync

Post by support » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:18 am

Hello schumifan!

First, yes your SmartTRAK based .slg file is a PC based file and is not understood by the Mac. We offer new customers who have switched from a PC to a Mac a "one time" conversion of their .slg file to a .sql file which is the basis for our logbook format. If you email us your .slg file, we will convert it and send it back to you. Email it to our support email address at moremobilesoftware dot com.

Second, DiveLogDT is a macOS Application and Dive Log is an iOS Application. They are each 2 different Applications for 2 different Operating Systems and are sold through 2 different stores. So they must be purchased separately. Each can stand on it own though, so you don't need to purchase Dive Log until you feel you want to use it as well as using DiveLogDT. (And of course, for other readers, the reverse is true too).

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or issues.

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