Couple more improvement ideas...

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Couple more improvement ideas...

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Still playing getting to know this system and finding a couple of things I would love to see incorporated in the future...

1 - 'Flag' function, to mark as 'favourite' a dive for easy finding, there are a couple I would love to be able to find readily as they had some significant personal meaning - large pelagic encounters or more interesting salvage dives - like raising a boat.

2 - More SAC rate use, I think this has been requested before but I wanted to re-mention it as I think it would be valuable. Specifically if I can have a SAC rate displayed through filtering by dive type e.g. I could check 'dry suit' + 'deep' or 'video' + 'wreck'. This would allow better gas consumption prediction when planning future similar dives. Obviously more checks = more specificity, less = more general consumption.

I would find this more benefit than SAC charted over time as I would expect some variation depending on task loading.

Thanks again, will try not to expand my 'wishlist' too often :D
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