Galileo Luna data not showing in DiveLogDT

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Galileo Luna data not showing in DiveLogDT

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Having issues getting data from Galileo Luna to an iMac using DiveLogDT. Currently running Big Sur 11.6 on Mac. Connection is made using IR device and app shows that it's reading the dives but no dives how to import. What really confusing is I was able to successfully download/import dives from same dive computer using IR device to my MacBook running the same OS rev. Looked at user permissions on iMac and user is part of the admin group. Have checked Security/Privacy but don't see any DiveLogDT items here. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Galileo Luna data not showing in DiveLogDT

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I'm sorry about the difficulties you are having. That is certainly strange. I assume that you have verified that you are running the latest version of DiveLogDT (or at least the same version) on both your Macs. Also, you should check that you don't already have a newer dive than the last one you are trying to download on the Mac that is not working (you can check "All Dives" or change the number in "Dives After" before you start the download). DiveLogDT will, by default, only download dives newer than the the last one you have in your logbook that has a profile associated with it.

Beyond that, it would be helpful if you could send us a diagnostics trace from your attempt to download your dive computer on the Mac that is not working properly. Please use the DiveLogDT -> Preferences menu item and the click on the Support tab. Then select Mares in the first drop down. Then click the email support. This will send diagnostics from your most recent download attempt (if you need to you can try your download again first, but that shouldn't be necessary if your last download attempt had the un-desirable results).

We should be able to see what is going on with that diagnostics report.

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