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Re Installing

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Good day gang...
My iPhone died and I received a new one from the corporate offie already loaded up with all my apps, except DiveLog. How do I go about getting it reloaded without paying the 19$ again. I checked purchase in settings and it is not listed. I dont remember if i bought it through apple or not.
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Re: Re Installing

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Dive Log is only available via the App Store for iOS so this means that if you purchased it you purchased it from Apple. Unfortunately Apple is the only one with access to your purchase records (app developers never learn that you made purchase unless you tell us that you did). So I would recommend checking any Apple ID that you may have made purchases with in the past. You should also check for any purchases made under a "Family Purchase". Note if you were using any app purchased under Family Purchase and you are no longer a member of that "Family Purchase" group then the app will no longer be available for you download.

Some people confuse the similarly named logbook applications in App Store and sometime ask us about products made by other developers. Some logbook applications are no longer available for sale and as a result are no longer available to be downloaded again. If you happen to have been using one of these applications rather than "Dive Log" then you might not see it (or "Dive Log" of course) in your list of previous purchases.

If you are having difficulties locating a previous purchase that you know you made I would recommend reaching out to Apple's App Store support as they are the only ones with access to your purchases history.

I hope that helps!


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