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iOS 14 problems with iOS iCloud sync

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:39 am
by RvA59
Hello, I am having trouble syncing between iPhone and iPad since iOS 14. Syncing from iPhone to iCloud is successful. However, I cannot sync from iCloud to iPad. I then get the message: Error replacing log with ICloud version. The work arround is now: sync between iPhone and Diving Log 6.0 (pc) en sync afterwards between Diving Log 6.0 and iPad. Why is syncing via iCloud (between iPhone and iPad) no longer possible? Thank you in advance for a response.

Re: iOS 14 problems with iOS iCloud sync

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:16 am
by support

I have not seen this problem in general (it is working fine on my iOS 14 iPhone/iPad) so it is possible that it is a local configuration issue possibly related to a new setting or security feature in iOS 14. I will need to investigate this further. It would be great if you could reach out to us via our support email address (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) so that we could have a more fluid discussion about your specific situation.

There are a couple of questions that it would be great if you could answer. First, can you confirm that that this is an issue when using the "iOS iCloud Synchronization" option and not the Import/Export/Synchronize Dive Log Logbook option? Also, it would be great if you could take a screenshot of the error you get when trying to sync on your iPad and send that to me via email (Apple Support - Take a screenshot).

Assuming that the issue is not with the Import/Export/Synchronize Dive Log Logbook method of synchronizing, you might find this a more convenient workaround. This is essentially the same process as the iOS iCloud Synchronization approach but it uses iCloud Drive (or other configured file service providers) to exchange the file instead of the Dive Log private iCloud area. You would need to start by exporting your logbook from your iPhone or iPad using the Export->Export active logbook. Then you can synchronize with that logbook using the "Synchronize Dive Log Logbook->Synchronize Dive Log logbook" item and then selecting the file that you saved in the export step on the other device. From that point forward you can just keep using the Synchronize Dive Log Logbook item just like you did with the "Matching logbook" item in the iOS iCloud Synchronization.

I will keep looking into your issue from my end. I look forward to any additional information that you can provide.



Re: iOS 14 problems with iOS iCloud sync

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:29 am
by RvA59
Hi Greg,

I’ve sent you some printscreens.The workaround works, thx!