Divenav has closed

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Divenav has closed

Post by oversampling » Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:45 pm

It seems that Divenav Inc. is no more, as stated in their website (www.divenav.com). :shock:
Probably it's time to update Dive log direct download options list with a warning, as DCbuddy, Techbuddy, Blubuddy are not sold anymore.
Are there other options to directly download from a USB-only diving computer (e.g. OSTC2N) into Dive log under IOS? :(

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Re: Divenav has closed

Post by support » Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:29 am


The demise of DiveNav came as a surprise to us as well. I will add a note to the in-app purchase description regarding the fact that their products are no longer available for sale. Of course, for anyone who still has a DCbuddy or Bluebuddy that wants to download with Dive Log can still use the in-app purchase.

The DCbuddy (and associated in-app purchase) does not support the OSTC 2N in any case. We do support the various OSTC devices (e.g. OSTC Sport, OSTC 3, OSTC 4, OSTC 2TR) that have Bluetooth LE directly in Dive Log using the "OSTC Download" in-app purchase but, unfortunately, the 2N does not support Bluetooth LE. Apple places significant restrictions on access to USB devices via either the Lightening or USB-C connectors on iOS devices so (with a few exceptions - the Garmin Descent Mk1 computer can be mounted as a "disk" and their dives can be imported with an appropriate adaptor) there is no way to directly connect these devices to an iOS device.

The best that we can offer for the OSTC 2N is to download the device using a desktop app (DiveLogDT on the Mac or Diving Log 6.0 on Windows) and then synchronize the data to Dive Log on iOS. There is a feature in both DiveLogDT and Diving Log 6.0 that allows you to "merge" the dive computer data with dives that you previously entered manually on your iOS device once you have access to your desktop computer again. Using this feature you can travel with your OSTC 2N and your iPhone and enter dives on the iPhone capturing information like environmental information, GPS locations, signatures, dive site maps, etc and then later update the dive with the dive data captured by your dive computer.

I wish that I had a better answer for you, but that is what is available today.



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