Export all logs as PDF

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Export all logs as PDF

Post by hsph » Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:58 am


as far as I know, it’s currently only possible to print a single log book entry individually. It’d be great to have an option to bulk print (or export to PDF) selected/all entries at once, so I could keep a physical copy of my log books.

- Seb

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Re: Export all logs as PDF

Post by support » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:10 am

Hi Seb,

Yes, you are right, right now Dive Log can only print/export dives one at a time. We do plan to add the ability to select and print multiple dives at once. I can't say for sure when that feature might become available.

In the mean time, one option is to synchronize your Dive Log logbook with DiveLogDT (Mac App Store) on the Mac or Diving Log 6.0 on Windows (www.divinglog.de) and use the more extensive printing capabilities of those applications. These are both paid applications though.

For anyone reading this, it is possible to export to PDF using Dive Log. This Blog post provides the details:

http://www.moremobilesoftware.com/Blog/ ... n-ios.html

Thank you for your feedback on Dive Log. It is very helpful to understand end user's relative priorities as we apply our limited development resources.



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