Importing dives from Breathe

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Importing dives from Breathe

Post by DiveDog350 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:22 pm


I’m trying to import dives on a friends iPhone into divelog. At the moment he is using the Breathe app. Do you have any idea how this can be achieved? Thanks.

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Re: Importing dives from Breathe

Post by support » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:58 am


I'm not familiar with the "Breathe app" (other than the breathing management app for the Apple Watch and a similar app for iOS that is now defunct ... but neither of these are diving apps). Can you provide more information about which app you are using (and if it is not on iOS which platform it is on) and what data you are hoping to import?

Dive Log on iOS can directly apart dive data from a number of file formats (DAN DL7, UDDF, Garmin FIT) and dive computers (various manufacturers via Bluetooth or Bluetooth accessories). It is also possible to desktop apps that can synchronize with Dive Log to import a larger number of file formats. If the Breath app that you are working with can export dive related data to any of the supported formats then it should be possible to import the data. Again, if you can provide any information about any export formats that the Breathe app can export to I can try to provide some additional information to get you going.



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