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Shearwater Teric & Aqualung i300C - Looking for testers

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:39 am
by support
We have recently added support in our Beta builds of Dive Log for iOS for downloading the Shearwater Teric and the Aqualung i300C Bluetooth dive computers. We are looking for additional Beta testers that have either of these computers to help confirm our implementation of the support for these devices is correct.

The Teric's data format is quite different from previous Shearwater computers (like the Petrel 2 and Perdix) and we have not (yet) received information from Shearwater about the new format. As a result we are looking for additional testers to help verify that we have not missed any of the changes that the new firmware represents.

The i300C is very similar to the Aqualung i300 in terms of it's logbook format (the i300 can be downloaded in Dive Log using the DCbuddy accessory) but it adds Bluetooth allowing for direct download support. The Bluetooth interface of the i300C is completely different from our currently supported Pelagic manufactured computers (Oceanic VTX and Aeris A300CS). We have tested against a number of i300C devices but we would like to expand the number of devices we've tested with before making a general release of this support.

If you have either of these dive computers and would be interested in testing a version of Dive Log that supports direct downloads of them please contact us directly at our support email address (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) and we will get you set up.