Announcing Suunto EON Download support and Dive Log 2.6

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Announcing Suunto EON Download support and Dive Log 2.6

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Dive Log version 2.6 is now available in the App Store.

This update to Dive Log includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes as well as support for downloading the Suunto EON Steel and Suunto EON Core dive computers via Bluetooth.

You can get the "Suunto EON Download" in-app purchase by visiting the Downloads tab in Dive Log (if the purchase options do not show in this scree because you already have another in-app purchase installed just tap on the Store button). Once you have the in-app purchase enabled simply bring your EON Steel or EON Core near your iOS device and it should appear in the list of devices available to pair with and download.

Note that the EON Steel and EON Core can only pair with one "mobile" device at a time. So if you have most recently used your EON Steel or Core with a different iOS device, Mac, PC or other Bluetooth enabled device then you'll want to tell the EON Steel or Core to "Forget" it's current mobile pairing. To do this press and hold the middle button on your EON Steel or Core until you see the Menu system appear and then navigate to:

General->Connectivity->Forget mobile

Then, when you select the EON Steel or EON Core in Dive Log's Downloads tab you will be presented with a request to enter the pairing code that is displayed on your EON device.


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