Merge profile on IOS?

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Merge profile on IOS?

Post by ScubaAl » Mon Apr 19, 2021 2:39 pm

I’m a long-time user of Dive Log on IOS (and PC) and am on your Beta program.
It’s great to see an app that’s regularly updated and enhanced and the Bluetooth integration between my Shearwaters and the iPAd is faultless.

I also have Diving Log on the PC - but basically never use it any more *Except* for merging profiles.
Can I request that that be added as a ‘wish-list’ function for the IOS version?
It’s really useful for those situations where you have the dive computer record multiple short dives - which are really one - which often occurs in training situations.

At the moment the only way I can do this is to sync the entire dive log back to the PC - merge the profiles - and then sync it back to the iPad ...which is a pain.

‘Merge profile’ would basically mean I wouldn’t need to use the PC at all (hooray).

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Re: Merge profile on IOS?

Post by support » Mon Apr 19, 2021 3:50 pm

Okay, you've got it. Actually, you've had it available for a while ... sorry that it is a bit hidden.

We refer to the feature as "appending" two dives as it is typically used in the case where you surfaced during a dive and your dive computer registers two separate dive. Once you've downloaded the dives from your dive computer visit the "Dives" list and long press on the first of the two dives that you want to append. If it is possible for Dive Log to append the dives together you will see a menu appear with and item that say "Append Following Dive". Select that and the two dives will be joined into a single dive with the dive number of the first dive.

We don't support appending arbitrary dives. The two dives need to meet certain criteria to be eligible. As a general rule, if you surfaced during a dive and descended again then the two dives will meet all the criteria. The one criteria that is a bit arbitrary is that the dives must be within 30 minutes or each other. If that condition is not met (but all the others are) you can manually adjust the start time of the second dive to be within 30 minutes of the end time of the first dive and then you can proceed to append them (the other criteria are things like the number of tanks used need to match).

Also, if this happens to you often, you actually have another option given that you are using a Shearwater. The Shearwater computers allow you to set the time before it considers a subsequent dive a new dive. Many instructors (who regularly end up on the surface with students as you suggested) will extend this time from the default to avoid having the dives recorded as separate dives.

Please let me know if this feature is not meeting your needs or if you have any questions about using it.



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Re: Merge profile on IOS?

Post by ScubaAl » Wed May 12, 2021 8:49 pm

Great thanks.
I’ll give that a try next time I need to append.
Don’t do it that often but it would be great not to have to export to PC just for that one function.

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