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Touch Bar support for Macs with Touch Bar

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 9:01 am
by support
There is a new update to Nitrox Tools that includes support for the Touch Bar on Macs with Touch Bar. Hopefully this will help make data entry a bit quicker for people that prefer keyboard navigation. This update uses "sliders" to enter some data (mix, pressure and depth) values. Unfortunately the resolution of the Touch Bar is low relative to the larger ranges for pressure and depth values. While we'd prefer to used a "scrubber" type interface for these values, that is not currently possible. Instead we've provided two sliders for these data fields. One will allow the full range of values but it might be hard to achieve a specific value. The second slider will range over a subset of the total range (relative the current value). This way you can get the value "close" using the full scale slider and the second slider can be used to get a more precise value. There are also "+" and "-" button to further fine tune the value. The "sliders" for these value are also available as a "popover" that allow the use of more of the Touch Bar. To use the slider as a "popover" just press and hold on the slider button and then either drag that finger along or use a second finger to pick your value.

This is a first attempt at Touch Bar support. We look forward to any feedback that might help us improve the use of the Touch Bar interface. The Touch Bar programming interface available to Nitrox Tools is not as full featured as we'd like but we are hoping that future macOS updates will allow more flexibility.