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Bulk Renumbering

Post by Nikk » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:28 pm

I’m a new member to the forum but I have been a very happy user of your iOS app for 3 years. I recently decided to add my old dives from my suunto eon steel to my current dives from my shearwater petrel2. I have successfully added the dives but I find I can’t either bulk renumber or sort by date. Is there any way to do this directly in the app, or if not, is this functionality on the cards for implementation?

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Re: Bulk Renumbering

Post by support » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:42 am

Hi Nik,

Right now there is no option for bulk renumbering built into Dive Log on iOS. This is something that we plan to add in the future.

Your best option right now is to use the bulk renumbering feature in either our Mac desktop app DiveLogDT or using Diving Log 6.0 on a PC. You can sync your logbook from Dive Log on iOS to either desktop application and perform the renumbering there and then sync the logbook back to Dive Log on iOS. Unfortunately, in both cases you would need a licensed version of the desktop app to perform the renumber operation. If you do not own either of these apps and would prefer not to purchase them, please reach out to us via email (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) and I will send you instructions on how to send me your logbook and I'll be happy to perform the renumbering for you and send your converted logbook back to you.

Sorry that I don't have a direct solution for you right now.



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