Perdix Ai sync question

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Perdix Ai sync question

Post by hst » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:36 am

Synced from Perdix AI to iPhone app, and from there to Mac app via wifi. On iPhone, the deco model (ZHL-16C GF: 40/85) is labeled as "anteckningar" (notes) in the Dive Metrics screen. After sync to Mac, the deco model shows up on the Environment screen for the dive with the label "Gas" right above the "CNS" label.

It seems to me that the label "Gas" on the Mac app should be changed to "Notes" for consistency?

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Re: Perdix Ai sync question

Post by support » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:04 am


Thank you for pointing out this inconsistency. We'll certainly take a look at sorting it out.

This particular inconsistency is a result of historical development of the underlying database format used by Dive Log, DiveLogDT/DiveLogManager and Diving Log 6.0 (on the PC). A number of years ago we didn't support the numerical "gas" values (O2 and He) associated with each tank and just had a text field where the gas used on the dive could be entered (at that time we only support a single tank too). Once we added the numerical per tank gas support, we changed the label and use of the original "gas" field in the database be more general (notes) while maintaining the ability for users that has entries in that field storing their gas mix to continue to see their values in the same place (and to continue to use it for that purpose). We were a bit more aggressive in transitioning the use of this field on iOS than we were on the Mac (we don't control the PC product and I'm not sure how that filed is currently labeled in Diving Log 6.0) as for some reason a number of our Mac users preferred to continue to use the "gas" field to store their gas mix.

As you say, the only real difference is in how the filed is labeled in the user interface. It is certainly time to revisit the difference in the two platforms.

Thanks again,


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