can not fill in Dive log in "free Version"

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can not fill in Dive log in "free Version"

Post by Red » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:23 pm

I just downloaded the free version of "Dive Log manager". I can not fill in any informations or any dives in the log?
Does it need to buy the Apps for these basics?
I am still in the valuation, therefore i give it a try.

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Re: can not fill in Dive log in "free Version"

Post by support » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:59 pm

Hello Red,

The free version of Dive Log Manager (either from the Mac App Store or from our website), is meant as a companion desktop application to Dive Log for iOS. It is meant to be able to backup your iOS logbook onto your desktop for safe keeping. You can also import data from other logbook formats, and of course you can sync the logbook back and forth between your MacOS and iOS devices. It provides read only access to the logbook on the Desktop so you can view it.

If you purchase a license (either by buying DiveLogDT from the Mac App Store, or purchasing one as an "in app purchase" from our website version instead), then you gain the ability of editing data, downloading a dive computer, and printing.

Our licensing scheme does not have a way to have the application work for "some amount of time" and then expire. If you are not a user of Dive Log for iOS, you can download our sample logbook file and take a look at the information available and view everything that you will be able to edit. If you are still hesitating, then I suggest you purchase the license via our website. If you find you do not like the software, then we would be happy to refund your money. If you purchase DiveLogDT from the Mac App Store, then you must request a refund from Apple - which can happen, but it's much more out of *our* control.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to drop us an email or ask in the forums.


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