Dive Log Manager 2.1.1 Released

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Dive Log Manager 2.1.1 Released

Post by support » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:34 am


After far too long a wait, version 2.1.1 of Dive Log Manager has just been released. This version has a slightly new user interface that consolidates all the UI elements into one place where they are hopefully more visible and more intuitive.

In addition, we have added the ability to edit the logbook information directly on the desktop, however this will be a paid feature. You may purchase a license to turn on this functionality. All of the original Dive Log Manager features will continue to be supported in the free version and you do *not* need to purchase a license if you don't want the additional functionality. Also, there is still currently *no* support for down loading dive computers directly into Dive Log Manager.

You can visit this link to purchase:
http://sites.fastspring.com/moremobiles ... logmanager
or you can select the "Purchase License" menu item under the main menu. Once the license has been installed and Dive Log Manager has been restarted, the editing functionality will be available.

Once enabled, you can enter "Editing Mode" for each of the logbook items supported using the Edit button. All changes are saved immediately, however there is an "Undo" for each change made in a single editing session. Using the new menu, you can also add new items, copy an existing item, or delete an item. Once you've finished making all your changes, you can then sync the logbook back over to your iOS device.

Please contact us or post if you have any questions or problems!
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