Beta test direct download of ScubaPro Smart Com

Beta test direct download of ScubaPro Smart Com

Postby support » Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:32 pm

We are Beta testing support for direct download of Scubapro/UWatec IrDA based dive computers into Dive Log Manager. As you might imagine, it's difficult to get access to all the models this covers and so am looking for volunteers to help Beta test. We've tested other models, but haven't been able to get access to a "Smart Com". You will also need to own the ScubaPro/UWatec IrDA/USB adaptor to be able to download.

Please send some email to janice at moremobilesoftware dot com if you would be willing to help us out. Instructions and software will be emailed out.


Mac computer with a USB port running 10.6 or later
Scubapro/UWatec Smart Com dive computer
Scubapro/UWatec IrDA to USB adapter/dongle
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