Multiple dives on one tank

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Multiple dives on one tank

Post by Mikel » Tue Mar 16, 2021 1:13 pm

OK, so here is my question. It's a bit of a technical question with the software. Also a philosophical question with logging in general.

For example in a class, (especially classes like Stress and Rescue (SSI) and such), we are going to the surface a lot. "Rescuing" someone, then talking about the rescue, etc. It's creating 5-10 dives on my computer each of 10 minutes or so. Surface time of 5-15 minutes. And all on one tank of gas. I don't really feel I should be logging a half dozen dives every class on one tank of gas. Even with the surface time of 10 minutes or more.

So when I "Append Following Dive" in the dive log software, it goes off of start times downloaded from the computer. It's wanting to give me dive times of an hour and a half or more, when the truth is we were underwater for only 30-40 minutes with all the surface intervals.

How does everyone handle this? And is there a way to remove the long surface gaps from the dive time in the log? I don't want my "longest" dive to be 5 short dives during a rescue class. ;-)


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Re: Multiple dives on one tank

Post by support » Tue Mar 16, 2021 3:40 pm

We definitely try to shy away from any philosophical questions and certainly don't try to answer them. ;)

The default calculation will include the surface time because it can be another philosophical question as to where exactly does the beginning of the surface time start and end. Is it when you reach 0 feet? or 1 foot? or anything less than 3 feet? Same with when to start again. As every dive computer handles the "surface depth" differently, it can be difficult to have a "1 size fits all" for everyone.

So we just make you decide since it's your logbook. Whatever philosophy *you* think is right is right. When merging dives like this, you can leave the default, or just change the DiveTime to be what you think it should be.

Maybe others will chime in with what they think. I personally adjust my DiveTime 8-)


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Re: Multiple dives on one tank

Post by Veiveismart » Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:40 pm

Maybe you can try to format the software

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