Marine Life Manager

Marine Life Manager

Postby captfanta » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:39 am

Hi, on IOS, when I've tried to lookup for marine life information, I only got some spinning wheels looking for info without never founding something. So, I bought the app in Mac thinking that it would be more precise, but every time I am trying to lookup for a marine life specie, I got 500 internal server error...
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Re: Marine Life Manager

Postby support » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:45 pm

Hello captfanta,

We use the encyclopedia of life website ( to do the lookup of Marine Life information. They have recently had a bunch of problems with the site stability starting about 4 weeks ago, followed by completely re-doing the website with an entirely new version about 1 week ago (which they had been planning for quite some time). Although they said that the API available to developers like us should be exactly the same even with the new site, it's still not currently working. As you have noted with "500 internal server error" sent to our Applications.

It's going to take us a little time to communicate with them and find out whether or not the commands we are using really are supposed to be backwards compatible and they are just continuing to have site stability problems, or whether or not their new website is only partially backwards compatible and we'll need to modify Dive Log and DiveLogDT to be compliant with their new website.

Sorry that we don't have a better answer for you. We'll update this forum topic as soon as we know more.

Thanks for your patience,
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