Version 2.1.4 of Dive Log Manager now released!

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Version 2.1.4 of Dive Log Manager now released!

Post by support » Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:17 pm

Version 2.1.4 of Dive Log Manager has just been placed on our website (Mac App Store versions coming soon).

It has 2 great new features, as well as a few bug fixes here and there.

First, we have a new "Map" panel that will show all of your Dive Sites that have GPS locations entered on a Map. You can double click to zoom in for more detail, or use the built-in tools on the left to navigate around and zoom in and out. If you hover over a dive flag with the mouse, the site name and rating will show in a small popup.

Second, we have added logbook "merging" to the Synchronization options. There is an additional button on the Synchronization page called "Two-Way Logbook Sync" that will copy the remote logbook over, merge any changes made to it into your desktop logbook, and then copy it back to the remote again. (Stay tuned to the forums for a detailed post on how this works and what it will and won't do.) But if you want to be able to make updates to existing entries in your logbook in *both* places, this is for you.

Features are in both the free and paid version of Dive Log Manager. Try out the new version and let us know what you think!
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