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DiveNav Inc. bluebuddy support now in Dive Log

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:33 pm
by support
Dive Log version 2.2 has just been released on the App Store and it includes support (in-app purchase required) for directly downloading dive data from the DiveNav Inc. bluebuddy and Tech Buddy Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy dive loggers.

Now you can dive with the your bluebuddy and immediately download the data directly into your Dive Log logbook on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware when you return from your dive. The bluebuddy download support works like the existing DCbuddy support allowing you to automatically create new dives or assign the bluebuddy dive data to a dive that you have previously entered.

The bluebuddy settings can be directly managed from within Dive Log. For example, when you arrive at a new dive location you can set the date and time of the bluebuddy directly from the clock on your iPhone before you make your first dive (or you can set it to a specific time if you prefer to change the bluebuddy time before you depart on your trip).