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Default Values

Post by psyenz » Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:39 am

Is there any way to set default values? For example, Working Pressure, Aluminum, 80ft3, Water = Salt, Entry = Boat.....

Reasoning - when I do a bulk import from my dive computer, all these values are blank which requires me to go back and make these entries if I want accurate data.

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Re: Default Values

Post by support » Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:10 am


There is not an obvious way to do this, but we are planning to add a better solution for just this problem in a future release of Dive Log. In the meantime, there is a (slightly cumbersome) workaround.

Dive Log support the notion of creating a new dive using a previous dive as a template. You make this selection when your tap the "+" on the Dives Tab to add a new dive. You can either choose the previous dive as a template for you can chose any other dive in your logbook. When you import dives using the DCbuddy interface or from the Shearwater Petrel 2 you can choose to associate the data being imported with data entered manually previously (note that you can also do this when importing data using any of the compatible desktop applications that can synchronize with Dive Log via Wi-Fi). These two feature provide the basis for the workaround. So to achieve your goal you would do the following:

1) Create a new dive (Dives Tab->+) and just let the date and time default (they will later be replaced when you download your computer) and then enter all the information that is common between the various dives you will be importing from your dive computer.
2) Create a new dive and select the previous dive as a "template" for each of the dives that you will be importing from your dive computer (again just accept the default values).
3) Download your dive computer and then proceed to the "Import" and tap the "Choose Start Dive #" in the lower right hand corner.
4) Select the dive you entered in step #1 and tap on "Save"
5) Then select the dives you want to import and tap "Import

Dive Log will then proceed to import each of the dives in turn and will add the dive computer information to the data that you previously entered manually for the block of dives (Dive Log processes the dives one by one from the dive computer associating them with the next dive in the logbook from starting from the the "Start Dive" and then creates "new" dives for any extra dives from the dive computer if it runs out of existing dives).

This feature was originally designed to allow you to enter dive data at the dive site on your iPhone or iPad (for example take dive site photos, capturing GPS coordinates and getting Buddy signatures) and then later import your dive computer and associate your computer data with the data captured at the site.

If you are not sure how many dives you will be importing from your dive computer you can modify the above steps by first downloading the dive computer but temporarily skip the import step (just take note of the number of dives to import) then proceed with step 1 above and when you return to the DCbuddy download tab you can just tap on the option to import the dives you previously downloaded and proceed with step #4 above. In the case of the Shearwater you'd have to initiate the Download again to get the current list of dives since the Shearwater interface only downloads the actual dive data once you initiate the import step.

Finally, you can use a hybrid approach and do the download and then import just the first dive, then edit that dive the way you want it and then use that as the template to create the rest of the dives (per step #2) and then return to the Download tab and import the rest of the dives picking the first "template dive" when you "Choose the start dive #".

I hope that helps until we can get the new feature added that will automatically create new dives with default values during the import phase. Please let me know if you have additional questions or issues with the above process.



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