Does the Mares Puck wrist log your dives?

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Does the Mares Puck wrist log your dives?

Post by ledpanel2U » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:17 am

I want to get this entry-level dive computer for my dad, but i don't know if it logs out the dive. When i say log i mean like the depth, temperature, time and if it tells you when to go do your safety stops. And if it logs you dives how do you access them if it only has one button, i really need to know this. Please Does it log your dives so you can access them and does it tell you when its time for safety stops?
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Re: Does the Mares Puck wrist log your dives?

Post by support » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:50 am

Yes, the Mares Puck is a full featured dive computer. It will track your decompression information and display the status of your dive on screen during your dive. I'm not sure if it will enforce safety stops (it will do decompression stops for sure) but you can have a look at the manual downloaded from the Mares site to check on specific features. You can view the Mares Puck logbook history either on the device or download it to your computer (Mac - you can use our Dive Log DT application or PC - you can use either Mares software or Diving Log 6.0) or soon to Dive Log on your iOS device (you'd require a DCbuddy from DiveNav and the next version of Dive Log which should be available very soon).

I hope that helps.



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