2 divers on same cloud

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2 divers on same cloud

Post by Yoda-X » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:15 am

I just downloaded the program and am setting it up. Is there a way my wife and I can have different profiles/dives using the same program on the joint cloud?

Also, is there a "divelog for dummies" I can read somewhere?

Thanks in advance


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Re: 2 divers on same cloud

Post by support » Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:52 pm

Yes, absolutely.

First, let me say that Dive Log stores it's logbook file(s) locally on your device. You can certainly "sync" them to iCloud but they do not "live" in icloud automatically. This is because Dive Log is often used in areas where internet access is not available or is very expensive when it is. By storing the logbook locally and giving you control over when it migrates to iCloud allow you to manage your data costs while traveling.

iPhones and iPads are generally considered "personal" devices but, of course, many people do share a single device so Dive Log makes provisions to allow you to work with multiple logbooks on a single device. In order to fit the in with the model of iOS, Dive Log uses what we call an "Active Logbook". By default, when you start up Dive Log for the first time it creates a logbook and makes it immediately available for you to work with. If you'd like to personalize this logbook, simply tap on the "Personal" tab and add your First and Last name to that screen. You can then proceed to add a second logbook on the same device by tapping on "Settings" and then tapping on the first row (which will have your name listed if you added it on the Personal screen or it will show "Unknown Name"). Then tap on the "+" to add a second logbook to your device. You will prompted to enter a first and last name. Then you can make this new logbook "active" by tapping on it's name on the list. Now all your interactions will be with this new logbook until you return to the Settings tab and activate the original logbook again.

Dive Log's iCloud synchronization feature (the Synchronize tab -> iCloud Synchronization) allow you to upload, download or sync the "active" logbook with logbooks in iCloud. If you want to push each of your logbooks up to iCloud just make each one "active" in turn and upload them to icon. They will be identified by the name of the diver (under the covers the identification is more complex, but we just display the divers name and timestamp associated with when that logbook was uploaded).

If it turns out that you each have your own device (iPhone or iPad) and share an iCloud account then you don't need to do anything special (although I would add your name to the Personal tab in your logbook to make identification easier), just upload your logbook to iCloud from each device and Dive Log will keep them separate.

I hope that helps. There is not a "Dive Log for dummies" primer available, but these forums, our website for Dive Log and our Blog have quite a bit of information including tips and tricks. You can get our new format blog at http://www.moremobilesoftware.com/Blog/. There is also an archive of our old Blog available here: http://moremobilesoftware.blogspot.com. For example, information about working with multiple logbooks is available in the "old Blog" area.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask any additional questions that you have.



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