Dive Log Iphone 6 plus Stats not being calculated

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Dive Log Iphone 6 plus Stats not being calculated

Post by Fishmi » Fri Mar 27, 2015 7:13 am

I have been using Dive Log 5.0 for sometime on my desktop computer, the statistics are working correctly. I run Dive Log 5.0 on a computer running Windows 8.0. I have just purchased and installed the Dive Log app on my IPhone 6 plus running the latest version of IOS. I have managed to sync the logbooks, and the Dive Log on my IPhone shows my 888 dives which is correct. When I look at the summary statistics these a correct and are consistent with Dive Log 5.0 on my desktop. However the problems is that there are no detailed statistics calculated in the Dive Log app for the items from Dive sites onwards. All the statistics by dive site, country etc. in the Desktop version are a showing correctly.

How do I get the Dive Log to calculate the detailed statistics? I hope someone can help.

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Re: Dive Log Iphone 6 plus Stats not being calculated

Post by support » Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:02 am


This issue is caused by the way that you have entered your Dive Sites, Cities, Countries and Buddies into Diving Log 5.0. Diving Log 5.0 supports two methods of recording values for these 4 fields, you can either record them as a "text string" that is unique for each dive or you can record them as a database value that is pointed to by each dive that uses them (we'll refer to these as "linked" items). The latter is the preferred and more modern method of saving these values because they provide significantly more flexibility and additional features (for example you can add GPS coordinates to the Dive Site or pictures to any of the location entries along with other information and only have to do this once to have it reflected in all dives at that location). The "text string" entries are supported for backwards compatibility with legacy Diving Log 5.0 databases. Dive Log on iOS does support reading these "text string" entries when viewing a dive but does not attempt to generate statistics for these entries (note that you will also not see them in the Locations or Buddies tabs within Dive Log). The main reason for this is related to performance on small memory devices like iPhones and iPads (it is very expensive to search over all the dives in a logbook and then eliminate duplicate entries and finally try to match these entries to existing strings in the "database style" entries to generate the statistics).

When you enter a new Dive Site, City, Country or Buddy in a dive in Dive Log on iOS it always creates a "linked" entry for that entry (or uses the existing one). In Diving Log 5.0 you click on the little "chain link" icon above the Dive Site, City, Country or Buddy entry box to create a new entry or use an existing one. In order to see statistics for these fields in Dive Log it is necessary to edit the dives and create linked entries out of the existing entries (if you edit the location fields in Dive Log on iOS they will be converted when you edit them).

Here is a (rather old) post about this issue that might prove some additional background: Statistics and Databases.

I hope that helps.



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