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New computer recommendation

Post by Richatom » Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:27 am


I am looking to buy a new dive computer to replace my UWATEC Aladin Air Z, and would be grateful for advice. My requirements are:

1. Full manufacturer support for download to DiveLog (i.e. not another UWATEC!).
2. Easy and reliable download to DiveLog - preferably cable free.
3. Full profile download to DiveLog - i.e. full air consumption data, full temp profile and of course full depth profile.
3. Wrist mount with air integration
4. Nitrox ready.
5. "Apple" quality - i.e. quality hardware, nice simple intuitive interface. Happy to pay the price for good quality.

Any suggestions very welcome.

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Re: New computer recommendation

Post by support » Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:25 pm

Hello Richatom,

We were waiting to see if anyone else replied with a recommendation. We're not really in a position to recommend one dive computer over another because we want to support them all. And compared to what MMS supports downloading, our personal experience is quite limited.

But if you really want to only download to Dive Log (iOS), as opposed to Dive Log Manager/DiveLogDT(MacOS), then you're limited to two options:
1) Something supported by the DCbuddy which you would also have to purchase and there would be a cable from it to the PDC
2) Shearwater Petrel 2

There are a couple of other new dive computers that support Bluetooth LE which is the necessary component to be able to download to Dive Log, but they're from one of the "big" brands and they have not historically helped 3rd party logbook developers. (To be fair, we haven't actually asked them to share the Bluetooth LE specifics of their devices).

If you have any further questions, let us know.

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Re: New computer recommendation

Post by Splashed » Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:03 pm

Hi Richatom,

I recently had looked into this same question with similar requirements. Wrist-mount, air-integration, and solid quality.

I looked at:

1) Liquidvision Lynx
2) Mares Icon HD
3) Shearwater Petrel 2
4) Suunto Vyper Air

The Lynx was all things mentioned plus color display, but it seems that online comments were concerned with battery life due to the OLED display. At 1700 including the data cable, seemed pricey to me. It's not mentioned as supported directly by Dive Log according the Dive Log FAQ. However, Diving Log 5.0 supports nearly everything so it could be imported using the 2-step method.

The Mares Icon HD looked good was well, also color display, but it comes in about 1400. It also isn't mentioned as directly supported by Dive Log, but other Mares are in the list.

I couldn't find anyone who didn't love their Shearwater Petrel 2. Great display, solid construction, great battery life and AA at that. Includes Bluetooth. It's a beautiful piece of equipment and a somewhat reasonable 800 bucks. Very nice, but not air-integrated, so a deal breaker for me. The closed-circuit crowd REALLY love these devices.

I went with the Suunto Vyper Air and dove with it for a week in Kona :D. It synced first time all the time, easy to read, simple to use. I never used the built in compass since I could see where I was going (100+ vis). The price with wireless transmitter was less than 800. It's also supported by DC Buddy to download to a phone, but I'll stay with the cable at home for now.

I really wanted the Shearwater to be the one, but when I thought about adding a gauge console, I realized that the amount of air is what I really wanted to know and the Suunto lets me do air/depth/time all on one display. And being wireless means one less hose.

Good luck,

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