Searching feature?

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Searching feature?

Post by Splashed » Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:34 pm


I'm looking for the ability to search an existing dive log for keywords, such as Kona and perhaps "Whale Shark", then find all the dives that contain the results to impress my friends. I didn't find this request elsewhere in the forum, but I can't be certain (try searching for "search"). :-). Is there already some way to do this? Even integrating with the iOS search feature would be okay, but in-app search could be more powerful.

I'd also like to see an ability to add pictures to each dive comment section, which I've seen requested in several different ways already on the forum. Thumbnails that link to the phone's picture gallery makes the most sense. Then if the log is getting uploaded to the desktop, asking the user if they want to sync with/without pictures seems appropriate. Download could work the same way, asking if including pictures is desired. I can envision where I would take a picture of a dive site, then want to upload to the desktop, but in subsequent downloads I wouldn't want to bring all those pictures back again. However, once I download the pictures from my GoPro, I would want to add them to my dive book on the desktop and have them available on the phone as well.


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Re: Searching feature?

Post by support » Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:11 am

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your suggestions. Both of your requests are on our "to do" list (you are right that the "search" feature has not been previously in the forums). We really appreciate getting suggestions from users about what is important to them for new features in Dive Log as it makes it much easier to prioritize our (limited) development resources.

The enhanced support for photos is something that we have wanted to do for quite a long time. Initially the reason we were not able to do it was due to restrictions in the iOS programing interfaces for photos. That excuse is no longer valid though as recent versions of iOS have expanded the access to images store elsewhere on the iPhone/iPad. The task is still complicated (as you eluded to) because of the challenges of syncing the externally referenced photos between devices and operating systems. We have been working on solutions to these problems though and do plan to eventually add enhanced support for photos within Dive Log.

I'm sorry that i can't offer a date when these features might appear, but rest assured that we have them on our list.

Thanks again for your feedback.



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