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Re: Suunto EON Steel

Post by support » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:41 am

There is a 3rd party application that is compatible with Dive Log on iOS (and Dive Log DT) called Diving Log 6.0 ( Diving Log 6.0 supports downloading the EON Steel and can sync with Dive Log on iOS via WiFi (both the PC and the iPhone/iPad need to be on the same WiFi network). You can visit this site for more information about synchronization between Dive Log on iOS and different desktop applications.

We do not current support synchronizing via cloud services inn Dive Log on iOS other than the existing iCloud Synchronization that only work between iOS devices running Dive Log. However we are working on a parallel service that will allow Dive Log to sync with logbooks on other cloud services (including iCloud Drive and Dropbox). Diving Log 6.0 on the PC currently supports Dropbox syncing (amongst other services) so once this feature is available in Dive Log on iOS the options will expand from just WiFi syncing to include Dropbox syncing with Diving Log 6.0.

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