Table of Dives

Table of Dives

Postby highpaule » Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:49 pm

i use dive log since yesterday. It is great, because i use DivingLog under Windows.
It is possible, that i can see in the table of dives, site or city?

Thank you!

regards Sven
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Re: Table of Dives

Postby support » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:35 am

Hi Sven,

I'm not sure that I understand your question. I'll try to answer it as best I can but please follow up if I have not fully answered your question.

The Dive Site, City and Country are shown on the main dive list for each dive that they have been entered for. So when you tap the "Dives" tab you should see the Dive Site, City and Country listed under the date and time of the dive.

You can also view all the dives by either Dive Site, City or Country (and a number of other options) in the Statistics tab. If you scroll down to the section with the heading "Dives by" and tap on the criteria that you are interested in you should see all the dives listed that have that Dive Site, City or Country assigned to it.

Since you are using Diving Log 5.0 on Windows you might not see the Dive Site, City and Country information due to the way that you originally entered your information into Diving Log 5.0. There are two ways that a Location item can be stored in Diving Log 5.0 (and Dive Log on iOS). The first is a "string only" field that just captures the name of the Location item directly in the Dive record (this is the default in Diving Log 5.0 unless you tap the "link" icon above the Dive Site, City or Country field). This entry is unique to that dive and does not participate in the Statistics or Location tab in Dive Log on iOS. The second method is to create an actual database record for each Location item that is shared between all the dives that use that Location item (this is the default in Dive Log on iOS when adding a new location to a dive). These "linked" Location items are the preferred mechanism in both Dive Log on iOS and Diving Log 5.0 as they provide many additional features. You can learn more about this distinction in our blog post "Statistics and Databases". If this is the situation that you are in you can edit your dives to use the "linked" records in either Diving Log 5.0 (click the "link" icon above the Location item field) or Dive Log on iOS. It is particularly easy to do in Dive Log on iOS as it will automatically convert your Dive Site, City or Country to a linked style record when you edit the specific Dive Site, City or Country on your iOS device. Once a record has been created for the specific Location item you can just pick the default choice that is presented when you edit the next dive that uses that same item.

Note that the Location items will not show us in the Location tab on iOS unless they are "linked" style items either. So editing the items to be "linked" will allow you to see the list of Dive Sites, Cities and Countries in table form in the Location tab. If you add GPS coordinates to Dive Sites (a feature that the creating the "linked" Dive Sites allows) you can also view the dive sites on a map under the Location tab.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need further information.


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