Ability to sort by multiple dive types?

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Ability to sort by multiple dive types?

Post by tplyons » Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:16 pm


Starting into my technical training, I need to prove experience with so many dives over 60 feet on Nitrox, which I've classified under dive type "deep" and "Nitrox" accordingly. However, I can only find a way to sort by one of these at a time.

Is there any way, or any plans to create a way to sort by "Deep" AND "Nitrox"?

Also, any thoughts of adding rules for dive types? i.e. "all dives deeper than 60 feet are classified as deep", and "all dives with O2 greater than 21% are Nitrox"?

Timothy Lyons

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Re: Ability to sort by multiple dive types?

Post by support » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:28 pm

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for the question/suggestions.

We are looking various improvements to the Statistics section of Dive Log to allow for more general grouping of dives (and additional statistics). I can't offer a specific time frame when this might be available, but we have certainly thought of supporting searches along the lines of those that you suggest.

We have not (at least up until now) considered having automatic rules for adding Dive Types to a dive. However, we have considered allowing queries along the lines that you suggest that achieve a similar goal (for example "show all dives that have O2 greater than 21%").

We really appreciate feedback from users as it makes it much easier to prioritize our (limited) development resources. We'll certainly take your suggestions and add them to and or integrate them into our "to do" list for future Dive Log updates. Sorry that I can't offer a specific time frame to meet your current needs.



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