A couple of requests

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A couple of requests

Post by dcphotos » Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:55 am

First, Let me congratulate you on an amazing app! It is the ONLY app I have ever purchased for my iPhone.
First thing I would like to see is for the app to calculate my bottom time based on me entering in my entry time of day, as it is now, then with me entering in my exit time of day.
As it is now, I enter the time of day I start my dive then I have to calculate my bottom time based on when I surfaced and enter in the minutes manually.
I am not on a dive computer so what I do is take a photo as soon as I start my decent and take another when I break the surface. Then I look at the time stamp on those two images
to get my total bottom time. But it would be easier to just enter for example time in: 3:15pm time out 3:45pm and then the app enters in 30 bottom time.

Next, again as I am currently not using a dive computer, on the desktop version I would love it if I could customize the view so, for me, I would replace the dive computers window with a photo
of the dive location.

Thanks again for the GREAT SOFTWARE duo!

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Re: A couple of requests

Post by support » Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:32 am

Hi Don,

Thank you very much for your kind words and for your suggestions. We really appreciate getting input from users about features that are useful to them as it makes it much easier to prioritize our efforts. We'll certainly look at adding support for a start time/end time approach to entering bottom time.

Which desktop app are you using? There are various desktop apps that work with Dive Log on iPhone made by a number of developers. This includes Dive Log Manager for the Mac which we developed. If you are using Dive Log Manager, we'll certainly see what we can do about customizing the displayed elements. Let me know if you are referring to a different desktop application and I'll be happy to pass your comments along to the appropriate developer.

Again, thanks for your input.



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