Uploads from Oceanic PP2.1 to iPad/iPhone?

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Uploads from Oceanic PP2.1 to iPad/iPhone?

Post by SanFranDiver » Fri May 11, 2012 8:24 am

Can the Oceanic USB cable be used to upload dive data to an iPad or iPhone, or must the data be entered manually.

Perhaps I've missed this info online. If so, what's the URL?

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Re: Uploads from Oceanic PP2.1 to iPad/iPhone?

Post by support » Fri May 11, 2012 4:58 pm

There is no way to physically hook your dive computer up to your iOS device (it would require a custom cable that has been tested and approved by Apple and that would not be cost effective at this time). So in order to upload your computer you must use a compatible desktop application (see www.moremobilesoftware.com/divelog-sync for more information on compatible desktop applications) that supports your dive computer or dive computer file format and can sync with Dive Log for iOS via WiFi. All the compatible applications support a "merge" feature that allows you to enter information on your iPhone/iPad during trip and then come back to your computer at a future date and associate your dive computer data with the data entered at the dive site on your iOS device. This way you are able to travel with just your dive computer and iOS device and still have a complete record of each dive on your iOS device (and desktop computer).

In the case of Oceanic computers, your best solution for a Mac would be MacDive by itself or MacDive in combination with Dive Log Manager/Dive Log DT (Dive Log Manager can import from MacDive and may offer some options appropriate for your situation that MacDive alone does not) and on a Windows PC it would be Diving Log 5.0.

I hope that helps.



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