Transferring/Syncing your logbook between devices

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Transferring/Syncing your logbook between devices

Post by support » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:30 pm

Yes, Dive Log does work on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a "Universal" application, so it is designed to take advantage of the features of the iPhone when running there and the unique features of the iPad when running there. Right now the only way to move dives between your iPhone and your iPad is by first syncing with a compatible desktop application. On the Mac you can use our free Dive Log Manager (also available from the Mac App Store) and on the PC you can use the free version of Diving Log 5.0. You can download Diving Log 5.0 from here. (And of course you can use the paid version of each of those - it's Dive Log DT on the Mac App Store).


The paid version of Diving Log 5.0 fully supports bi-directional synchronization between iOS devices and the PC. The free (or shareware) version of the application can fully synchronize up to 10 dives, but if you have any more than that in your logbook only the last 10 divers would be preserved. Fortunately, the developer of Diving log 5.0 was kind enough to add a full Backup/Restore feature to the free version of Diving Log 5.0 so you can use this to sync your dives between the iPhone and the iPad.

The basic steps that you want to use to sync your data between your two iOS devices (I'll assume for these steps that the complete logbook that you want to start with is on your iPhone but you can just reverse the process if it is on your iPad):

1) Make sure that your iPhone and your desktop computer are connected to the same network (your iPhone via WiFi). You can visit for some background on this if you need it)
2) Open the Synchronize tab on the iPhone and tap the "Enable Sync" button in the upper right hand corner (if it is not visible then you are not connected to your network via WiFi)
3) On your desktop computer, start Diving Log 5.0 and navigate to the synchronization area (more on this in a minute)
4) Choose the option on your desktop computer to copy your logbook from your iPhone to the desktop (this is the Backup button described below) and save it to a file on your PC
5) Now connect your iPad to the WiFi network if it is not already and navigate to the Synchronization area and tap "Enable Sync" (once again if you do not see the Enable Sync button you are not connected to WiFi)
6) Return to Diving Log 5.0 and go to the synchronization area
7) Click the Restore option and then select the file that you saved in step #4 to transfer your logbook to your iPad
8) Once the transfer is complete, tap the "Use new Logbook" button (which should now be green in color indicating that it is enabled) on your iPad to cause the logbook that you just installed to by loaded and made your active logbook

Your iPhone and your iPad should now have the same logbook data. Note that once you press the "Use new Logbook" button, the "Restore Previous Logbook" button will now be red in color indicating that your previous logbook (the one that was installed on your iPad before you pressed the "Use new Logbook" button) can be restored as your active logbook in case the one that you just transferred from your computer and installed is not what you wanted. Also note that when you copy your logbook from the iPhone or iPad, the data on the device that you transfer data to will be completely replaced by the data transferred from your computer. In this case, you'll want to only make changes on only one device at a time (if you want to be able to make changes on both devices between sync then you'll need the paid version of Diving Log 5.0 or you'll need to wait for the upcoming iCloud sync option).


The basic steps to use the Backup/Restore option in the FREE version of Diving Log 5.0 are:

1) on your iPhone within Dive Log tap the Synchronize tab (under "More" by default) and then tap enable sync (your iPhone needs to be connected via WiFi to the same network that your PC is on).
2) in Diving Log 5.0 click the "Sync" button in the ribbon and select iPhone sync.
3) Once the Sync dialog comes up you should see the name of your iPhone appear (if not, have a look at out Tips & FAQ web page here: for some ideas about what might be causing any issues).
4) click the "Info" button at the bottom of the Sync dialog to reveal the Backup/Restore options.
5) Choose the appropriate option to copy your data from the iPhone/iPad (Backup) or to the iPhone/iPad (Restore). This will move a complete copy of your logbook from/to the desktop. When you copy that data to the other device you will tap the "Use New Logbook" button to load the logbook on your device (note this will completely replace the existing logbook on that device so using this method you can only make changes on one device at a time).


On the Mac using Dive Log Manager (using the FREE or the PAID version) you would first sync your iPhone to your Mac and then sync your Mac to your iPad. Specifically:

0) Make sure that both the iPhone and the Mac are connected to the same WiFi network.
1) Enable Sync on the Synchronize tab of Dive Log on iPhone
2) When your iPhone appears in the sidebar of Dive Log Manager click it's name
3) Click on the "Copy Logbook FROM Device" button to copy your logbook TO the desktop.
4) Enable Sync in the Synchronize screen on the iPad (the Synchronize screen on the iPad is accessed by tapping the icon with the "two arrows" on the bottom of the sidebar when your iPad is in Landscape orientation or at the bottom of the popover the appears when you tap the button in the upper left hand corner of the iPad screen in Portrait orientation)
5) When your iPad's name appears in the sidebar of Dive Log Manager click it.
6) Then click the "Copy Logbook TO Device" button
7) Once your logbook has finished transferring to the iPad, tap the "Use New Logbook" button on the iPad's Synchronize screen

From that point forward you can just use the "Two-Way Sync" button when syncing either device and Dive Log Manager will integrate the appropriate changes from each device. So you can make changes on both your iPhone and your iPad and they will not get lost. If you use Dive Log Manager and "Two-Way Sync" then changes from each device will be incorporated into the Destktop version of your logbook before being transferred back to the device. (This will only work on a per-dive basis though. If you made changes to the same dive on both devices, whichever one happened last will overwrite the other).

We are working on adding synchronization between iOS devices via iCloud, but we do not have a date to announce yet when that support will be available. So for now, synching between devices via the desktop is the only option.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties with the sync process and we'll be more than happy to try to help resolve them.

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