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Service Dates

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:52 am
by Trevor

In the Equipment section, there is the ability to put last and next service dates for kit. is there a way of tracking/sorting kit by next due service date ?


Re: Service Dates

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:30 am
by support
Hi Trevor,

No, there is currently no way to sort the items by service date due (that is something that I never thought about to be honest ... I'll give it some thought). There are a couple of features that you might find helpful though.

The service dates are displayed on the Equipment list itself and are color coded. The dates are shown in "red" if the service due date is in the past and is shown in either "green" or "yellow" if it is in the future. The green or yellow coding is dependent on the value that you set in the Settings tab under "EQUIPMENT SERVICE REMINDERS".

By default, this value is set to "never" but if you change it's value to something else (say 45 days before) then any item that's service date is between today and 45 days from today will show in "yellow" and anything beyond that date will still show in "green".

The equipment service reminder setting also causes Dive Log to notify you via the iPhone/iPad notification service (if you have not turned it off for Dive Log in the Settings App) when an equipment item first becomes due for service. For example, if you set the service date to 30 days and you have an item that is due for service 35 days from now, Dive Log will notify you via the iOS notification center in 5 days that that item is due for service in (at that point in time) 30 days. Dive Log does not need to be running for that notification to be sent, you just have to the equipment item's next service date and the appropriate service reminder interval set.

One final note, if you have a service interval set (or if you have any past due service items regardless of the setting) Dive Log will "badge" the app icon (if you allow app badges for Dive Log in the Settings App) and the "Equipment" tab icon (and the "..." icon if the Equipment tab is on the "more" list) on iPhone with the number of due or upcoming equipment items that you have to concern yourself with (on iPad the count in shown on the App icon and in the info bar at the bottom of the sidebar between the Settings icon and the Sync icon).

Hopefully those features will help for now. I'll look into adding a way to view the equipment item list sorted and filtered by service due date in a future update.



Re: Service Dates

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:57 am
by Trevor
Thank Greg that's really helpful. A separate service ist that is sortable would be a great option, thanks for giving it some consideration really appreciate it