Feature request: Link to dives from sites, buddies, etc

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Feature request: Link to dives from sites, buddies, etc

Post by JimmE » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:16 pm

One feature/function I’d love to see on the app is the ability to quickly go to a list of dives on a specific site, with a specific buddy, etc from the dive site or buddy details page.

I can do this from Diving Log 6.0 on the PC but the only way to find a previous dive on a specific site, for example, on iOS seems to be to scroll through the list slowly.

Generally I’m either wanting to see when I last dived a site or how many times I've dives a specific site, or more commonly to look up the dive profile and comments from previous dives for the same site, which I may have dived years previously.

Having the ability to drill down to dives on specific sites or with specific buddies from the relevant details page would round out the app nicely.

Safe diving!


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Re: Feature request: Link to dives from sites, buddies, etc

Post by support » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:29 am

Hi James,

No problem, you can do this in Dive Log today. Just visit the "Statistics" tab and the tap on one of the options in the second section of the list. For example, if you tap on "Dive Sites" you will see all your Dives Sites in use by any dive along with the number of dives at that site and the total bottom time (you can use the "sort" but to switch between sorting alphabetically or by count). If you then tap on any Dive Site in the list you will get all the dives at that Dive Site in a list similar to the main Dives tab. You can inexact with these dives in the same way that you would on the mina Dives tab. There are a number of option in this Statistics section including Buddies, Cities, Countries, Equipment, Marine Life, Trips as well as depth ranges and date options.

I hope that helps. Please let em know if you were looking for something different.



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