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Safety Stop

Post by garethsnaim » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:45 am

Hi there.

Just purchased this app, seems nice. I gave just got padi open water and part of logging is the safety stop, which I am reliably informed is not the same as decompression stop.

Where can I enter saftey stop information as its added to my overall bottom time in the official paper log and I want them to match?

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Re: Safety Stop

Post by support » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:52 am

Hi, Congratulation on your recent certification!

You are correct that a safety stop and a decompression stop are not the same thing so it is not (necessarily) appropriate to use the "Deco Stop" field in Dive Log to record your safety stop (although there is no harm in doing that as that find is just a text field that is never involved in computations). What I recommend doing is using the "notes" field to record the duration and depth of any safety stop that you do on any dive. You can edit the "notes" by tapping on the dive metrics section (the block with depth, time, etc.) and tapping "Edit" and then you can tap on "notes" and fill in any text that is appropriate. For example, I often put the text "Safety Stop: 15', 5 min". Then this text will show up on the main dive details screen at the end of your "profile" (very similar to where it ends up in the paper PADI logbook). This "notes" filed is kind of a catch all for any data related to your dive profile that you might need or want to capture to help understand how you calculated your no decompression limits or letter groups (for example, if you start diving Nitrox this is also a good place to capture the "Equivalent Air Depth" that you need to execute Nitrox dives using tables).

Again, this "notes" filed is not included in any calculations so you can format that information any way that you like. That does lead to the question of how to deal with your "total bottom time". As you know, your "bottom time" is the time from when you started your decent until you started to make a direct ascent to the surface. Your "dive time" would be the entire duration of the dive including the time that it took to get to the surface (including your safety stop). A large percentage of dives made by recreational divers result in a multi level profile where the start of the direct ascent to the surface start very near the surface so that other than the safety stop, the "bottom time" and the "total dive time" are very close. The other factor to consider is that if/when you start diving with a dive computer you will no longer have the distinction of "bottom time" vs "total dive time" because the dive computer continually calculates your decompression obligation throughout the dive (including during your ascent and safety stop). So, for these two reasons what I do when entering either table dives or dive computer dives is record the "total dive time" in the "dive time" field (which is used to calculate the total dive time statistic) and then record the portion of that time in the "notes" field that was taken for the safety stop. This effectively captures all the information that I need to reliably recreate the decompression obligation calculations and keeps the "total dive time" statistic self consistent (between table and dive computer dives).

There is no absolute right or wrong here, it is just a matter of capturing the data that is useful to you wen reviewing your past diving history.

I hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to write back either here or to our support email address (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) if you have any additional questions.



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