Best practice while diving with Bluetooth Computer?

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Best practice while diving with Bluetooth Computer?

Post by gajahduduk » Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:46 pm

I'm just now going to buy a Bluetooth dive computer. I've used Dive Log for years. While diving I always created a new dive and marked the GPS location. Then later I filled in the details manually from the dive comptuer.

Now that I'll have a bluetooth computer, what's the best practice? Can you start entering info (like GPS, dive site name, buddies, etc.) manually first, then later sync the computer to match up? How is this done?


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Re: Best practice while diving with Bluetooth Computer?

Post by support » Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:36 am


Yes you can. When you download your dive computer you will be promoted to select the dives that you'd like to import from the available dives. Once you've selected the dives you want to import you'll wan to tap the "Choose Start Dive #" button (it will default to the next available dive in your logbook which indicates that the selected dives will be added at the end of your logbook). Then simply tap on the first manually entered dive in the list that matches the first dive from the ones you selected to import and tap "Save" then tap "Import". Dive Log will proceed to update each of your manually entered dives in order with the information from the imported dives from your dive computer.

There is a second feature when downloading a dive computer via Bluetooth that you can sue depending on your situation. You can select on of our existing dives as a "template" for all your imported dives. In this case the template dive is not modified, but is used as the basis for the newly imported dive computer dives. This way, if you did a dive yesterday that is substantially similar to the ones you did today you can choose one of those dives as the template for the new imported dives. You can also use this feature in conjunction with the "merge" feature described above to minimize the amount of information you need to manually enter at the dive site.

I hope that explains it well enough. Please feel free to write back info you need more detail.



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