Oceanic Geo or Veo 4.0 support

Oceanic Geo or Veo 4.0 support

Postby delacrue96 » Wed May 15, 2019 6:58 am

Does anyone know if Oceanic Geo or Veo 4.0 upload is supported by Dive Log? Thanks much!
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Re: Oceanic Geo or Veo 4.0 support

Postby support » Wed May 15, 2019 8:23 am


As you know, the Geo and VEO 4.0 are new computers. We have not had the opportunity to work with anyone that has one of these devices yet so we have not been able to learn the information that we would need to be able to directly download these devices. If you have one of these devices and would like to help us to add support for them please reach out via email (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) and we can set you up with some tests to help learn the information that we would require. My expectation is that the data format on these devices will be very similar to their predecessors. The Bluetooth protocol will be new of course, but we are already able to support a number of other Oceanic (and other devices made by Pelagic systems) via Bluetooth so it should not be too difficult to adapt to these latest devices once we are able to run some tests with them.

Dive Log can only download dive computer via Bluetooth. Our Mac product DiveLogDT which you asked about in your other post can also download via USB. Since these are "new" devices that DiveLogDT does not know about yet, we would have to make some changes based on data that we could collect from an actual device to get that working (this would be the same information that we need to collect to get it working with Dive Log). So again, if you have a device, please contact us via email and we can get you to run some tests.


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