Marine Life Feature

Marine Life Feature

Postby davidmc22 » Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:39 pm

I have used your Dive Log App for my iOS devices, and my laptop (iMAC) for about 3 years. I really like so much about it; including the great customer service. (Greg has helped me before via email with sync questions.)

I really like the different ways to sync. I keep a copy on my phone, iPad, cloud, and laptop. Syncing to all via cloud or wifi is very easy.

I also like the idea of "more photos". Many times, I talk to people at work or friends about certain dives that I have taken and what I've seen. This software is mostly used showing friends as much as me going over my dives over and over again. So, more photos would be great.

Now, onto my question: How do you us the Marine Life feature? On the laptop, I hit edit and then try to type something in. Nothing happens. When I tried to edit it on my iPad; same thing. I really didn't know what to do.

Also, how do I use the "stamp" feature in lieu of a signature?

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Re: Marine Life Feature

Postby support » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:08 pm

Hi David,

Thanks for the kind words about Dive Log (iOS) and DiveLogDT (Mac).

Marine Life items are managed like other items that you can add a dive. You generally create a Marine Life items and then add them to your dives (there is a short cut that allows you to create a Marine Life item directly while editing a dive as well, but typically you'd go to the Marine Life section to add more detail to the item afterwards). Any Marien Life item that you create can be associated with multiple dives (so you don't need to fill out the details for a "Yellow Tang" hundreds of time). On the iPad (or iPhone) the basic steps are:

1) Visit the Marine Life "tab" and then tap the "+"
2) You will be prompted to enter a "common name" for the item
3) You will then be presented with the item read to edit and add all the other details.
4) At this point, you can optionally lookup the item in the Encyclopedia of Life ( if you are connected to the internet by tapping on the "Lookup at Encyclopedia of Life" button that shows under the common name (it will not show up if the website is not currently reachable).
5) Tap "Done" to save the new item
6) Now you can add this item to a dive by visiting the Dive and tapping "Edit" and then tapping on the Marine Life text area. This will show a popup with your existing Marien Life items that you can add to that dive )or you can tap the "+" to create a new Marien Life item).

This works in a similar way in DiveLogDT on the Mac. Click on the "Marine Life" item in the sidebar and then use the "gear" icon to create a "new" Marien Life item. You can then fill in the details manually or click the "Lookup" button to look up the item on Then to add a Marien Life item your your list to a specific dive, select that Dive and then click on the Marien Life tab. Then click "Edit" and click on each Marien Life item o the left that you want to add to the dive.

You can use "stamps" in addition to signatures if you like (a dive can store one of each). On the iPad to create or view a "Stamp" you just swipe left on the signature panel and you will see the stamp area. Then tap on "Edit" and then the "Stamp" area to add a stamp using the Camera or an existing photo in your Camera Roll. The iPad will remember what you were looking at last (a Stamp or a signature) and will automatically show you that the next time you look at a dive, but you can always swipe between them. On the iPhone the Stamp has its own row so you can just tap on that row to add a stamp. On the Mac you visit a dive and then tap on the "Description" tab and you can switch between the "Stamp" and "Signature" using the selector above the stamp/signature box (again click "Edit" and then you can drag and drop images from the desktop or Photo to the "Stamp" area).

I hope that helps. If you need screenshots to further explain things, please feel free to send us email at our support email address.


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Re: Marine Life Feature

Postby davidmc22 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:54 pm

Thanks Greg. It all makes sense. I’d give you a glowing review on the App Store; but I already have! I appreciate you all & send many people to your app. - David
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