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Feature Request: Statistics-track and tally single/doubles

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:09 pm
by WHL
This is a solid software tool, keep up the excellent work!

Feature Requests: 1) Track tank type (single or doubles) from the Environment page, then tally and view them in Statistics. 2) Allow user to establish a default and/or multiple tank configurations. Since I don't typically dive AL80 tanks, every time I log my dives I need to manually input a Steel HP100 @ 3442 (or some other configuration).

These features would be very helpful to streamline data input and monitoring an important dive statistic.

Thanks for your consideration,
Will LeMaster

Re: Feature Request: Statistics-track and tally single/doubl

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:45 pm
by support
Hi Will,

Thanks for the suggestions and for the vote of confidence.

I'll take a look at your first suggestion. It is easy enough to implement. Just to be sure that I'm getting the right idea, would you like just a count of the number of dives that where doubles vs singles (for example the first part of the Statistics tab) or would you like to see "Dives by Singles/Doubles" (i.e in the second part of the Statistics tab)? I was thinking that it might be nice to have a more dynamic type of Statistic where you specify a subset often tank parameters (size, material, single/double, supply type) and see all the dives that used that type of tank. That is a bit different from the other type of stats that we currently have, but might be more useful to a broader audience. Any thoughts?

On your second suggestion, we actually have that implemented in a beta version of Dive Log already (we are just waiting for the Swedish translation before we're ready to release it). I'd be happy to add you to the Beta program if you'd like to help test this feature and use it. Just send an email to our support email address (support 'at' moremobilesoftware 'dot' com) and we'll get you set up. This feature allows you to specify a "default tank template" that is used automatically for all newly created tanks (we pre-populate the list of available templates with a number of common tanks types but you can edit the list to modify/add or delete tanks). You can also pick from this list to "update" an existing tank using a different template.

Thanks for your suggestions. We always appreciate getting suggestion from users as it makes it much easier to prioritize our limited development resources.



Re: Feature Request: Statistics-track and tally single/doubl

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:48 pm
by WHL
Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting back to me.

For the 'Dives by Singles/Doubles' feature, I was thinking more simplistically. But now that you mention it, the more dynamic feature set would be very useful and, as you pointed out, would appeal to a broader audience. I'd say go for the dynamic feature set.

Regarding the 'Tank Templates' feature, good to hear that it's already in the works. And thank you for inviting me into your Beta program, I would be happy to contribute. I will email your support address and get that ball rolling.

Greg, it's refreshing that you are not only expanding on your dive computer integration (which is a good thing), but you're actually working to deepen the tool's feature set, thus making a solid product even better. Good job!

Have a good one!