Two questions from a new user

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Two questions from a new user

Post by Schasbeele » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:07 am

Dear Janice and team,

I purchased your app today as I decided to take my logging digital. While trying to choose a diving center, location/county or dive site I was wondering if there is a central database that I can retrieve this from? For example: when going to “diving centres” I get an empty list, and when choosing to add a diving center, it asks me all of their data (including things like address and phone number). When trying to select a dive site or location I again see an empty list and find myself wondering if there is a central database in which, for instance, I would search for the first few letters of a location or dive center and previous entries (or items from linked databases, such as with Encyclopedia of Life) pop up.

A second question is that my wife and I would like to both have an account and wonder if it’s possible to share fives with each other? This is to prevent that we would both have to enter exactly the same data each time we dive, rather than “tagging” the other account and allow that user to copy (most of) the data of a dive.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Two questions from a new user

Post by support » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:30 am


I'm assuming here that you are talking about Dive Log on iOS (rather than DiveLogDT or Dive Log Manager on MacOS) so I'll primarily answer for Dive Log on iOS (the answer is slightly different if you are talking about our Mac apps).

Dive Log does not attempt to "lookup" information about Dive Sites or Dive Shops from external sources (our Mac apps do support looking up dive site from external sources). In the case of Dive Shops you can enter the information just into Dive Log or you can pick a dive shop from your Contacts list. If you can enter the information into your Contacts easily (say from the shop's website or an email using the operating systems data recognizer feature) you can then select that Contact as a shop in Dive Log. We have found that the external lists of Dive Site are a bit unreliable so we have not integrated that feature into Dive Log on iOS yet although we may still do that (similar to the feature in our Mac apps). Of course, this would require an internet connection and may not are practical if you are adding dive site information on the dive boat at the time of your dive (which many people do to capture the GPS coordinates of the site and a photo of the dive master drawn site map before the dive). Note that once you have a Dive Store, Dive Site, City or Country entered once you can use that same item for each subsequent dive that it is appropriate for.

Dive Log (and DiveLogDT/DiveLogManager) store all your data local o your device. There is no "account" per say, just your logbook file so "tagging" another account is not really an option (again, we designed Dive Log to work offline as many dives take place out of range of affordable internet access). However it is possible to export and import information from one logbook and make it available in another. This support is more developed in DiveLogDT/Dive Log Manager on the Mac (for example you can export location information to an "exchange file" that can then be imported into another logbook or you can simply import "dive" from one logbook into another and location information will also be transferred over). Dive Log on iOS has a more limited set of export/import features although you could export a dive in UDDF format fro one logbook and import it into another logbook. Dive Log and DiveLogDT/Dive Log Manager can also sync via Wi-Fi or iCloud so it is possible to sync your logbook from Dive Log to DiveLogDT/Dive Log Manager and use the more advanced import/export options. You can also use the free Dive Log Manager (Mac App Store or from our website) to Import dives from another logbook. If you are a Windows user there is a compatible application from a 3rd part developer (Diving Log 6.0 - that can do similar things to our Mac Apps relative to importing dive data between logbooks and can also sync with Dive Log on iOS.

Hopefully that helps. Please let me know if you need more information.



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