Suunto EON Core Information Import

Suunto EON Core Information Import

Postby HerrTrigger758 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:42 pm


As with most I would like give you a huge "Thank you" for a great program/app. Keeping my log book up to date has never been easier.

I have a Suunto EON Core and it connects wonderfully with my iPhone using Dive Log 2.6 w/ add on. I had noticed some small things that I was wondering if you could possible provide a fix.

1. In Dive log under the section entitled "Tank Details" I always have to manually enter the tank type. Yet all of the other information is already preloaded. My guess is that Dive Log is obtaining the tank information from the pre-dive plan (tank size) and from the tank stats (start psi, end psi, etc.) Could this field be fixed?

2. Dive Log - "Statistics" Would it be possible to add some basic statistics about consumption rate? Say, average consumption over time, least, and highest (last two with corresponding dive number)? Right now I have to scroll through one dive at a time to find rates. Understand rate changes with work performed but that is information I like to have ready when planning.

Just a thought. Regardless of above, I would HIGHLY recommend this software to anyone keeping track of their dives. It's simple, intuitive and fast. Average log entry takes about a minute.
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Re: Suunto EON Core Information Import

Postby support » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:08 pm


Thank you for your kind words about Dive Log and for your suggestions. We always appreciate getting suggestions as it makes it much easier to prioritize our limited development resources.

Consumption rate statistics is something that we have on our list to add in a future release (no promises about exactly when we might get to those). I do appreciate your specific suggestions and will add those to our existing "to do" item regarding this topic.

The tank information you are seeing so far is populated from information we can collect from your EON Core. In the case of the Suunto EON devices we are able to get the tanks size and working pressure along with the start and end tank pressure because the EON Core uses the information that you enter in the tank size fields to calculate it's own consumption rate and uploads that as part of the logbook data that Dive Log parses. Since the tank type (material) is not necessary for calculating air consumption rate the Eon Core does not have a place to enter data and, as a result, we can not fetch it from the logbook data.

There is a feature in Dive Log that you can use to avoid having to enter this information each time during a download. If you create the dives ahead of time and use the "template" feature to populate each dive with information common to all the dives. Then you would import your EON Core dive data so that it updates the information you entered manually. Here are the steps involved:

1) In the Dives tab create a new dive (you can use a previous dive as a template for this dive if you like). Then set all the information that you would like to be common to all the dive you plan to download (for example if you use a Steel tank or tanks, set the tank type to Steel for each tank you use on the dives).

2) Now create a new dive for each additional dive you plan to download (so if you are download 4 dives from the day, create 3 more dives) and select the dive you created in step 1 and the template dive (i.e. choose "use last dive as template"). You don't need to worry about filling in dates, time, depth or any other information that will come from the dive computer ... just use the supplied defaults.

3) Download your EON Core and tap "Import" when it is done.

4) Select the dives that you plan to import (the most recent 4 dives in this example) and then tap on "Choose Start Dive" in the lower right hand corner.

5) Tap on the dive you created in Step 1 above and then tap "Save"

6) Now tap "Import" in the upper right hand corner.

Dive Log will proceed to import each dive selected from the EON Core and will update each dive in turn starting with the dive you selected in step 4 with the data from the dive computer leaving the other information in place.

There are a couple of extra steps involved, but once you start using this method the last dive will almost always be the basis for the template dives you create. Hopefully that will help make things easier until we can get a planned new feature implemented.

We do plan to add a general "template" facility that will apply automatically to any new dive you create. This would be true for imported dives from dive computers or other logbook formats as well as new dives created without an explicit "template dive" as detailed above. I don't have a definitive date for this new feature, but hopefully the work around above will help in the mean time.


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Re: Suunto EON Core Information Import

Postby HerrTrigger758 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:49 am

Why am I not surprised that you're on top of this already? Just more proof that you support an awesome product. Thank you for the help.
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