New dive computers supported for direct download

New dive computers supported for direct download

Postby support » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:35 am

The latest release of Dive Log on iOS (2.87) adds a number of new dive computers that can be downloaded via Bluetooth. The newly supported computers include:

Shearwater Download in-app purchase:

Shearwater Teric

Pelagic Bluetooth Download in-app purchase:

Aqualung i300C
Aqualung i750TC

SCUBAPRO Download in-app purchase:

Aladin H (Matrix)
G2 Console

OSTC Download in-app purchase:


DCbuddy Support in-app purchase:

Aqualung i300
Aqualung i300C (note the i300C will download faster using direct download via the Pelagic Bluetooth Download in-app purchase and dos not require the DCbuddy hardware)

These are in addition to the models already supported by each of these in-app purchases. If you already have one of the in-app purchase listed for a particular device you do not need to make any additional purchases (for example if you already have a Shearwater Petrel and have been using the Shearwater Download in-app purchase and get a new Teric it will download using your existing in-app purchase).


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