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Mares Bluelink Pro Download Support in Dive Log 2.7

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:17 am
by support
Mares recently introduced a new Bluetooth LE accessory called the Bluelink Pro. This device can clip onto Mares Puck Pro, Smart, Quad and Quad Air dive computers making it possible to download these computers via Bluetooth. The latest update to Dive Log (2.7) adds support for downloading these dive computers via the Bluelink Pro (in-app purchase required).

Note that the Bluelink Pro is not compatible with the older Mares Puck, Puck Air or Puck 2 but Dive Log does support these computers via the DCbuddy Bluetooth accessory (from DiveNav Inc.) and the appropriate in-app purchase.

This latest update to Dive Log also includes support for treating tanks as doubles if they are over a certain size for dive computers that support specifying tank sizes (Suunto EON Steel and EON Core and the Mares Quad Air). Since these dive computers do not support specifying tanks as doubles this feature allows users of doubles to have them automatically imported into Dive Log as double tanks.