Dive numbering

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Dive numbering

Post by Bushi » Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:51 pm

I was really surprised when I went back to enter my old log book data after getting the more current computer data set in that when I set a new log number I would get duplicates instead of the log incrementing (or at least asking/warning me about dupes).

Is there some way to update the number pattern or sync the pattern to date time? It's odd see a miss number between the dive log number in the main list and the total number of dives.

Aqua dive log would ask you on add or delete if you wanted to reset the numbers... I thought that worked pretty well, but maybe I'm missing some usage case.

I will mess around with a desktop export, but darn it I want the computer to do the work :).

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Re: Dive numbering

Post by support » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:05 pm

When you create a new dive in Dive Log on iPhone/iPad, the dive number defaults to the last number in your logbook plus 1. You can change this number to anything you want at the time that you create the dive or at anytime later (by editing the dive and taping the dive number field).

One feature that we are planning to add to Dive Log is a way to automatically renumber your logbook based on the dive's data and time. This would be a bulk operation that would renumber all your dives in sequence. Many people will choose not to use this feature if, for example, they have intentional gaps in their dive numbers to leave room for dives that they have not yet transferred from another source (either a digital logbook or a paper logbook). Some of the 3rd party desktop applications that work with Dive Log on iPhone/iPad do support bulk renumbering of your dives. So one short term option is to sync with a desktop app, renumber your dives and then sync back to your iOS device.

Sorry that this feature in not available for your current needs.



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